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Ludum Dare 31 – Entire Game on One Screen

Join Jez on a quest to retrieve his stolen pipe in this precision platformer.

During his pursuit of the stolen pipe, Jez uses his amazing fire punching skills in an attempt to stop the pipe thief in his tracks – but accidentally blasts through a computer monitor and is forced to make his way through the deadly video game world that awaits.

What on earth was Jez smoking in that pipe?

– 10 challenging levels
– Avoid deadly spike traps to stay alive!
– Use fire punch to blast through wooden blocks in your way!
– Collect keys to unlock doors blocking your path.
– Wall jump to help you reach high ledges & other areas.
– Combine jump, double jump & fire punch for max jump distance.
– Personal highscore tracker (time, attempts, global rank).
– Online leaderboards (top 10 best times/attempts per level).
– Storyboard intro and ending! (if only we had time to animate)
– Original ~5 minute soundtrack

Background/Wallpaper by @_sorceress
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Thanks for playing!

This was our first attempt at creating a platformer style 2D game.

Our aim for this Ludum Dare was to submit a complete game, with an intro, multiple levels & an ending.

We originally wanted 12 levels in total, but due to time restrictions had to limit this to 10.

Partial controller support is added for in-game – however keyboard is recommended for best experience.


Josh, Sean & Sam,
Hot Box Games

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